Quality Policy

Allendale Electronics LTD is dedicated to meeting the needs and expectations of our customers through the manufacture of high reliability electronics assemblies.

We continuously improve our processes and services through planning, teamwork and communication. Allendale Electronics LTD maintains customer satisfaction by delivering on time, high quality product.

We are committed to review our Quality Management System, objectives and goals to ensure the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction will be achieved by our organization.

Many of the products assembled at Allendale Electronics are destined for use in some very demanding field conditions, therefore we stress and maintain the highest levels of quality in all of our assemblies.

All of our assembly technicians & Inspectors are certified to IPC 610 E and J-STD-001. and QA is certified to IPC/WHMA-A-620_Requirements and Acceptance for CABLE and WIRE HARNESS assemblies.

In addition, we have certified trainers who are fully qualified to re-certify staff and train new employees. By training our staff in-house, ensures a consistent level of quality performance from all of our employees.

ESD Prevention

  • We ensure ESD (electrostatic discharge) awareness and training for all personnel working with ESD sensitive materials or in an ESD sensitive area. At Allendale Electronics we are in the practice of handling ALL materials as if they are ESD sensitive. All board storage and assembly areas are grounded, and all workstation desktops are covered with ESD resistant mats and fitted with a grounding attachment.
  • All staff must wear a grounding wrist strap whenever handling ESD sensitive items and all staff are required to test their wrist straps at the start of their shift and log the result. Any failed wrist straps are replaced and diagnosed. The test log is audited daily.
  • We ensure that access to protected areas and ESD sensitive items is limited to staff who are ESD- safe.
  • All ESD-safe packaging and handling procedures are carefully followed.
  • We maintain work instructions, drawings, and other documentation for ESD cautions, markings, and precautionary procedures.

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