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Surface Mount

Allendale Electronics paste Circuit Boards with the MyData MY500 Jet printer.

Making our SMT solder pasting process extremely accurate, efficient & flexible.

The My500 can shoot dots of paste of 5nL to 12nL(nano Liters) and anything in between. Traditionally, Gerber data was used to cut stencils, now we use this data to program paste deposits on any type of pad layout - even 0.5mm pitch is a breeze - and this capability permits us to make changes on the fly without running the product through reflow to verify the effectiveness of the pasting. When changes are required, data is sent via the intranet to apply modifications to the paste program.

With the MY500, CAD/Gerber or a scanned board Image can be used to program any paste deposit on any pad layout without stencils. This allows us to eliminate stencils completely, consequently reducing customer delivery time.

With a stencil there is limited control over the thickness and distribution of the solder paste. The MY500 allows us to work on a pad-by-pad basis and to strategically place solder paste deposits where required. This has greatly reduced the time of performing engineering/prototype and production runs.


MY12 SMT Pick and Place System

With its high accuracy and 144 feeders, MY12 performs both high-speed mounting with the HYDRA speedmount at 21,000 CPH (components per hour - as small as 01005) and fine-pitch placement at 1,500 CPH. In addition, MY12 can place any type of component ranging from QFP to chip scale & Micro BGA (Ball Grid Array - 0.4mm Pitch), making it ideal for flexible short series production.

AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)

Our AOI system automatically scans the surface-mounted PWB's for missing components, as well as for incorrect or incorrectly placed components.

Combined, our new surface-mount technology makes our SMT process not only faster, but much more reliable with a great decrease in faults. This new surface-mount equipment also enables us to produce small orders and prototype circuit assemblies much more easily.

HELLER 1707 MKIII Reflow

Heller's new heating and cooling advances deliver up to 40% reduction in nitrogen and electrical consumption.

TRIDENT Cleaning System

Trident is a fully automatic defluxing and cleanliness testing system designed to remove all flux and solder paste residues from post-reflowed circuit assemblies. Trident is able to remove all flux types including Rosin, Water Soluble, and all No-Cleans.


Our QA department is equipped with the GlenBrook RTX-113 X-Ray. Quality control has the ability to qualify and continually sample assembly processes by verifying solder Joints on components that cannot be visually inspected with AOI or Microscopes.


Our team of through-hole assembly technicians has over 40 combined years of experience in producing top-quality PWB's. Each member of our through-hole team has been trained in-house by our own certified trainers, and each member is certified to IPC 610 E and J-STD-001.

Mixed Technology PWBs

At Allendale Electronics we have the capability to combine surface-mount assembly with through-hole assembly to produce high reliability mixed technology PCB's, all at the same facility. This greatly reduces costs for our customers who require this type of assembly.

Cables and Sub-Assemblies

Our sub-assembly technicians can assemble and test: coax cables, transformers, inductors, wire harnesses and other sub-assemblies in any amount from one to several thousand. Our specialized sub-assembly equipment includes our CoaxStrip5300, EcoStrip 9300 single strip wire cutter, and HS 4140 cable label printer.

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